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15.3.2018 - 04:45

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16.5.2016 - 14:00

Don’t encourage your daughter to sleep with her mothers new husband.You can ask her to help you. But do not ask her to seduce this man.If you love your x you will not want to hurt her. If you do it in that way it onlyproves that you are quite selfish.. also.. the truth ALWAYS comes out.It do87&n#e21s;t matter whether she wants a relationship or not if she sleeps with this manbecause if she does it she wont have a choice after.
16.5.2016 - 22:44

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15.5.2016 - 05:02

Nonithg I could say would give you undue credit for this story.
22.2.2014 - 22:29

comme je voudrais bien amméliorer mon francais pratique, je cherche un tandem. En revanche, je peux offrir tchéque, anglais ou bien je peut vous servir guide a Prague:)
merci, a bientot:)
8.9.2012 - 09:15

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8.9.2012 - 19:38

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7.9.2012 - 11:00

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6.9.2012 - 20:07

I read that DW article yedatrsey too and found it pretty thought provoking. It just shows you that the archaic elitist system is still in place in Germany and that some children will never be given a chance to prove themselves. I've seen in person what they're talking about parents who just don't care and also (and probably mostly) foreign parents who, like you say, don't have the education and language skills to help their children no matter how much they would like to. There is a little girl in my son's fourth grade class whose parents are from Lebanon and have lived here for at least 10 years and the mother barely speaks any German. I can remember her two sons being in kindgergarten with our older son they cried every day for about 3 months because no one spoke their language (Arabic) and they couldn't speak German yet. Now all the children speak German very well, but the parents have been left behind and one of the boys was already put back a grade in school.This is why the emphasis needs to be put on offering language courses for all immigrants as soon as they arrive in Germany, and for children spending longer hours at school with qualified teachers so they can get the individual help they need. Right now the schools are set up with the expectation that there is going to be at least one educated German-speaking parent at home to fill in the gaps and that's just not the case.Right now the ministries of education are making noises about introducing school uniforms as a sort of leveler, to even out the imbalance in social status. I'm all for school uniforms for other reasons but I have no idea why the authorities would think everyone wearing the same sweater is going to automatically solve the inequality problems in German schools.
15.8.2011 - 09:28
Nina Kolá?ová

ich suche nach einem Tandempartner/ in aus der Schweiz, mit dem/ der ich sprechen und mein Deutsch üben könnte. Ich war schon ein Jahr auf einem Studienaufenthalt in Österreich, aber wenn ich jetzt Deutsch nicht so oft spreche, vergesse ich sehr schnell viele Wörter und das ist ja Schade.
Als Vergeltung kann ich Englisch und Tschechisch anbieten.

Viele Grüße
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