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Tandems for PORTUGAL
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18.5.2016 - 18:51

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17.5.2016 - 20:48

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16.5.2016 - 14:01

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15.5.2016 - 05:10

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22.12.2011 - 13:31

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10.9.2009 - 12:28


I would like to start learn Portuguese since october 09 with native speaker only.

I can teach you Czech language, culture, habits and so on:). I speak English, French and Spanish.

I am Prague native!

28.6.2009 - 21:26

I'm looking for someone who could teach me Portuguese. I offer czech (my mothertongue), english (level B2) or spanish (that's what i'm probably going to study since september - current lvl B1)
Thanks u a lot, looking forward ur offers
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