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Tandems for LITHUANIA
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18.5.2016 - 18:51

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17.5.2016 - 20:48

The ships are big and summer storms are rare. If you can see a map of your route, any trip that has islands to the west of you and land to the east of you will be calm. The open ocean with no land to the west will be a little less calm, and the roughest part would be if your ship makes the trip to Seward or Whittier. If you are concerned about seasickness, I would choose a trip that cruises to Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway and then takes a land journey to the rest of Ala.sakSummer is a beautiful time to be in Alaska!
15.5.2016 - 05:12

This is way better than a brick & mortar esielbtshmant.
8.9.2012 - 22:51

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8.9.2012 - 07:22

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7.9.2012 - 18:01

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6.9.2012 - 13:05

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5.9.2012 - 19:21

Google Mobile Team, are you able to add the multiple route reutlss as in the desktop version in the next release?I had to make a trip to my new job and on the desktop version I got 3 choices of different ways to get there, on my N82, I only got one result and it was the one with the most traffic.Is it possible to add the multi-route result (or whatever fancy name you come up with :) ) without it taking 6 months to be released. Is it a limitation of the phone OSes or just something that is coming in future releases?I also have a multi-million dollar idea that will save you all some R&D, developement costs that will add a much needed feature without any of you having to hire additional talent and will give you a leg up on the GPS Navigation crowd....I'll give you a call when I get the patent sorted out...Until about the direction choices...
5.3.2009 - 16:43
Egle Makuskaite


I would like to participate in Tandem language exchange.

My details:
Egle Makuskaite 773673398
Until 1st of July
Offered languages: Lithuanian
Search for: any