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Tandems for BRITAIN
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1.4.2014 - 11:23

Hello, Im looking for people from Britain who would like to make firiedns and meet over a cup of tea or coffee or just to hang out and talk in English and help with problems. I could teach Czech if you want or basically become a friend, which is valuable especially as I spent some time abroad and I kow what it is like to be abroad alone without any friends or poeple who are interested in you.

22.2.2014 - 22:22

Hello everybody,
since I´d like to practice my communication skills in English, I´m looking for a tandem. I can provide you with a professional guided tour in Prague, as well as with Czech "lessons" in return.
looking forward to hearing from you:)
10.9.2013 - 11:46

I am looking for tandem, I would like emprove my english.

15.7.2013 - 00:42

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15.7.2013 - 03:18

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14.7.2013 - 14:08

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12.7.2013 - 08:50

- Oh I love your photos. they are wufedrnol. They give a real feel of the city! Sure 6 weeks would not have been long enough either. We were in Europe last year and the photos that meant the most to me were somewhat like your favourite last one!
12.7.2013 - 22:23

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11.3.2012 - 18:21

Hi, I need improve my communication skills ( in english). This seems to be the best way for that and furthermore i can meet peoples from other part of world. I study history and live in Prague. So if is anybody interested, please let me know. Thanks
24.12.2011 - 14:58

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